Best Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy

Best Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy

Only some people know about Tic-Tac-Toe strategy. Though they are relatively rare, it means there are some people that will never lost. If you can master this tic tac toe strategy algorithm, you can become a master.

Best Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy

Best Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy

– Players

Tic-Tac-Toe has four types of players, which are Novice player who makes random moves, intermediate who will blocks their opponent’s moves, experienced player who understands that playing in certain first squares will lose and expert player who will never lose.

The Expert, the one that cannot lose

On a Tic-Tac-Toe game board, choose “Expert” for each player and then hit “New Game”. You will find that the result of each game is a tie. Neither of the PC players can be beaten. PC does this by playing out every single game ahead of time and recognizing what moves are good and bad. It can do this because the possible games is not a lot. First move has nine squares, the second has eight squares, the third has seven squares and so on. It means, there are 362,880 possible games or nine factorial. PC or computer can breeze through 400,000 games easily but in real life, it has to play far fewer games than that number. Only 125,168 games in real life because mostly a player wins before all of the squares have been used.

How can a human become unbeatable? A human player can compensate with experience and reasoning.

Novice player, the player who use random play

The “Novice” player can be beaten easily on every game. It is because the novice player places its mark in any empty square. This is a very poor strategy and almost never give a win.

Intermediate player, the player who play reactionary

Most players start off as reactionary players. They will block opponents three in a row, or just take any three in a row that they can. Such player sometimes play like a novice and use random moves. This is the style that is used by the “Intermediate” in the computer.

Experienced player, the player who knows how to start

Experienced tic-tac-toe player knows the best starting moves. Below are the strategies that explain the moves in detail.

– Move First

When two intermediate players play many games, the one that goes first will win about twice as often as the second player. It happens because there are only nine squares on the game, which means that the first player gets five of and the second player will get four squares.

When the game played by two experts, the result is always a tie. Generally, the player that goes first gets a better chance of win than the player who moves in the second.

-Understand the bad first moves

As Player 1

If you go first, you must know the safe first moves. Here, you have to avoid the edges as the corners and the center are safer.

As Player 2

There are only two possibilities, which are player 1 took the corner or the center.

If for the first move player 1 moves in the corner, player 2 must take the center. If player 1 plays against a novice player, he can be ruthless and always play in the corner as the first move. It leaves a lot of board for the novice and player 1 will win more often.

game tictac

Tictac Game – Simple yet Addictive

game tictac

Have you ever played tictac game or tic tac toe? This simple paper and pencil game is something that almost every person in this world had played it at least one time in his/her life. Mostly, we introduced to this game when we were kid. We played it on the paper with pencil or pen, on the board, and maybe some of you played it on thescreenshot_856 dirt with stick. As long as we could draw the grid, x, and o, we could play this game anywhere. Now the game is even available online. It such a simple game yet very addictive.

How to Play the Game

Tic tac toe is a simple game played in 3 x 3 grid. It takes two players to play the game. The first player will get the “X” while the second get the “O”. Players will take turns to mark the space in the grid. The goal is to make 3 marks in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).  The game is commonly finished in just minutes and players may replay the game several times. Players who win the most will become the true winner.


The true origin of tic tac toe is still unknown but some experts believed that this three in a row game could be originated from ancient Egypt. Some people also believed that tic tac toe is related with three men’s Morris game.

Around first century, a similar game to three men’s Morris called terni lapilli is played in Roman Empire. The grid markings of the game were found chalked in number of places around Rome. This is believed to be the early variant of tic tac toe.

Tic tac toe is American name for the game. The named is believed to be derived from a game tick-tack-toe. This tick-tack-toe game is a game played by children on a slate with a set of numbers. With the eyes shut, the player brings pencil down on one of the numbers. The hit number is the score. The name then was used to be the name of today’s tic tac toe.

Tic tac toe has so many different names. In Britain, this game is called “noughts and crosses”. The first print reference to this British name appeared in Anthony Trollope’s novel year 1864. In other countries, it is called Xs and Os, Exy-ozys, xsie-osies, tit tat toe, tic tat toe, and more.

Simple Game But Hard to Win

Tic tac toe is a simple game. Very simple that we could play it almost anytime and anywhere as long as we have some surface and tool to draw grid and marks. Therefore, this game is commonly played by children with their paper and pencil or on the dirt when they play in the backyard. It is best to kill time and just to have fun between two friends or sometime in-group with the groups play in turns.

However, tic tac toe is not an easy game to win, especially when your opponent is smart. If both players are whizzes, the games are commonly end up with draw. It’s difficulty to win is somehow trigger so much challenge that makes us could not stop playing until we found the winner. If you constantly lose the games, you may so furious and do not want to stop until you win. This is why the game could become addictive, even for adult.

In order to win, thorough observation is required to determine possible positions. Your ability to determine possible positions will determine your possibility of winning or at least push it to draw. You must determine all possible positions for both you and your opponent. Sometime you only focus in creating winning positions for you but forget to think possible positions of the opponent. When it happen, you commonly end up with loss.

Many experts haven been analyzing this game and resulting some strategy to win the game. The common strategy is to put your first mark in the center. With obtaining the center grid, you will get more possibility to create rows. The other position with higher possibility to create rows is the corner.

Obtaining center and corner position is important but that is not a guarantee to win the game. You still need to play diligently in order to win. In order to win, firstly you need to get two marks in a row so you get the possibility to place the third mark in the row. In order to increase your opportunity to win, try to create a fork. A fork is an opportunity where you have two threats to win. With fork, your opponent could only block one line and the other one is free for you to win it.

Apart on creating winning position, you need to know how to block. When your opponent successfully creates opportunity line, you need to block the line. This is something crucial because in the middle of the game, you may too focus on your own winning position, unaware of your opponent positions, forget to block it, and lose. When you successfully apply winning and blocking position, you likely never lose.

Tic Tac Toe in Modern Society

From ancient time to this very day, tic tac toe has been part of human life. The game has been developing so much with the touch of culture, art, and technology. Now, we can see tic tac toe in different forms.

As a game, tic tac toe is now available online, even in mobile app. You do not need to find friend to play it with you because you can play it with computer as your opponent.

Tic tac toe is developed into several variants and played in various game shows. The game is also used in various movies whether as the game played by the actors or tic tac toe analogy in various scenes.

With art in mind, some people create decorations using tic tac toe game as the inspiration. Some examples are tic tac toe donuts home decorations and tic tac toe tires garden decorations. More and more people are now using tic tac toe game as their inspiration.

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