Monthly Archives: September 2011

TicTacDo Tutorials

Well, we want TicTacDo very intuitive, but when we miss it (!) or when you want a quick guide, just go through the relevant movie. In case you find something which is still not clear, drop us an email

How to find relevant opportunities and contribute?

This is our major value, and you’ll see how easy it is to find opportunities, thanks to our smart engine which indentifies for each member the relevant opportunities that fit. This movies shows the way to browse opportunities, contribute where relevant and follow what interests you.

How to create & share opportunities?

In our Network of Do’ers, everybody participates in creating opportunities for themselves and/or others. For whatever business opportunities, to-do or project, request, etc; we have a quick way to publish them. Of course, you decide about the confidentiality and you lead the invitations / messaging. Let’s do it together!

How to follow the relevant opportunities, people and tags?

TicTacDo has a smart engine which suggests you relevant opportunities and people which can help. Contribute & engage your own contacts and even follow them when you want to be updated among the firsts. Moreover, you can create advanced alerts by choosing series of tags which together identify a great opportunity for you (free while beta).


How to send messages & invitations?

As a social platform empowering professional networks and organizations, we have many ways to send messages and invitations (and more to come). Of course, even if used in an closed/internal network, you can always share an opportunity with people outside the Network of Do’ers (in some case, the administrator even allows you to invite new members). Spread the world!